In the early 90s Mr. Balveer Singh Rathore was visiting the areas around Sodakore Village. What took him by surprise on his drive from Jodhpur was the miles of barren desert land. People of the area mostly depended on sheep rearing as a means of livelihood even though they owned large areas of land that could be cultivated. Life was harsh, food was scarce and most people had to leave their villages to find employment.

An invitation into the house of a villager from Sodakore changed Mr. Singh’s life plans from being a hotelier to a farmer. He immediately bought 100 acres of land in Sodakore and decided he would show the people around the area that sustainable farming was a possibility. He studied and taught himself about farming practices in other desert lands like Israel and the Middle East. He started by growing medicinal plants like Amla, Isabgol, Aloe Vera, and Moringa.

What followed was 20 years of experimentation and many failures but he persevered and today RG Farm is very proud to have 9000 pomegranate trees, 1000 date palms, and 300 Ber trees. The farm also produces a variety of cereals, vegetables, and herbs. The Jeera and Ber has grown here have been awarded many times for being the best in Jaisalmer District.

Life as a farmer in rural Rajasthan came with its set of challenges, but Mr. Singh enjoyed the simplicity and contentment being in nature brought about.

He wished to share this experience with others and it was this wish that brought Mirvana Nature Resort to life!

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